Desoto Dog Park
About Us
Desoto Dog Park is a gated, off-leash park for well-behaved and healthy dogs to exercise in a clean, safe environment.  The park is open daily from dawn to dusk. In 2012, the Friends of Hot Springs Village Dog Park was established to create this park, using volunteers from among existing property owners, POA board members, and dog lovers.  We are proud to have built such a desirable amenity for the Village, surrounding community, our guests and future residents to enjoy.

Having a local dog park has many and far-reaching benefits.....

For The Dogs:

  • Gives them space and freedom to run with other dogs while being safely supervised
  • Exercise makes dogs healthier and better socialized with other dogs and with people
  • A happy, healthy dog is a quieter dog and a better neighbor

For the Owners:

  • Provides owners, including those that are older or disabled, a safe, accessible place to exercise their dog, thus improving the physical and mental health of the owner as well as that of the pet
  • Makes it easier for more people to own and love a friend and companion
  • Provides an opportunity to meet other dog owners who have similar interests

For HSV:

  • Dog owners are a substantial community interest group.  (Surveys show approximately 5000 dogs live in the HSV area)
  • Socialized, healthy dogs are better, less aggressive citizens of the community
  • A dog park encourages compliance with leash laws in other areas
  • It is an amenity that provides a place to hold "dog friendly" social events and competitions
  • It helps keep other park and recreation areas dog free
  • It promotes responsible pet ownership benefiting the dogs, their owners, and the community

The Hot Springs Village Dog Park is located in the former HSV boat and RV storage facility on Desoto Park Drive at the base of the Lake Desoto dam.  It is across from the HSV lawn bowling facility.   The site is centrally located in the Village and has easy access off Desoto Blvd. and Toledo Dr.  

The site is approximately 1.5 acres of level open area and is divided into two sections for use by large and small dogs.  An existing parking lot is located adjacent to the park. The outside fence has been modified to provide for handicapped parking spaces just outside the park gate.

Half of the play surface in each park is covered with  2" - 3" of double hammered mulch and the other half is covered by a  2" thick "crusher jaw chip" stone surface which is a fine mesh stone used for paths and bench areas.   A somewhat larger smooth river pebble is used around the sitting areas and water fountain sites to facilitate drainage and prevent mud. Landscaping may be installed in the future if funds become available to allow a plant irrigation system.  The park has two water fountain sites in each of the areas for a total of four.  One in each area near the divider fence and one near the shaded gathering area.  Waste management stations are at several locations throughout each of the park sections.  These consist of a dispenser with waste bags or mitts that can be used to pick up fecal matter and a repository or garbage can in which it can be deposited. 

Benches for the owners have been installed at the shade structures and throughout the park and play structures for the dogs will be positioned at selected locations as funds are available. 

The shade areas, with their benches and proximity to a watering station, provide a place for animal lovers to congregate and be the social center of each of the park sections. The shade shelters are installed in the spring and removed for the winter season.




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